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Im gonna leave a detailed review on how i expierienced these cheats. in short i would reccomend this website id give it 4/5 stars!!!! why will be down below.

1. first of i found it real sketch that i had to disable all my antivirus and what not. before you buy you should know that there are some hard task you need to do in order for the cheats to work. however this is al explained in details on the site. if youre not expierienced with computer liek me you should know this!!

2. i thought i had issues because my cheats wouldnt work. be patient. contact customer service. THEY WILL HELP YOU! it took m a few hours or sometimes minutes to respond. vvery helpfull. 

3. they dont do refunds. i wanted to ask for a refund cuz the cheats wouldnt work. instead they helped me really well

4. cheats are good. you get to see where stuf is and thats what you need. id reccomend getting the 5 euro/dollar one first just to test things out and if you are satisfied buy the monthly. i recommend getting the curse 1 its just cheaper and you dont need more than that.

reviews will get checked by mods first so if this stays up then you know this is legit.

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