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DayZ Cheats[I APPROVE]


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Well yesterday; I purchased the 1 day Lynx cheats and boy do they work amazing. There isn't much features on it but its all the main features you need. (ESP and Aimbot)

I tried my subscription out on modded servers and they work. The only problem with using these cheats on modded servers is that for the "OBJECT ESP" not every drop will show up ( I think because they are modded files. )

If you notice your cheats freezing while you are running the game[for me at least] just let the cheats unfreeze it usually happens when I have my object esp on with rendering distance 900m.

Aimbot feature you must hold down on the trigger key[RMB] be mindful using the aimbot, its bullet teleporting aimbot. So if you're aimbot fov crosshair is red and you hold the trigger key you will hit someone you don't want to hit.

Other than the cheats freezing sometimes. There were no issues with the cheats whatsoever they run smoothly. 


Player ESP is automatically always on which should have a toggle to it.

You have to restart PC every time you want to inject the cheats.

10/10 would buy again and recommend it to others.

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