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Apex Review

john wick

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Was skeptical at first as these guys seem new, but I am very impressed.

Found these guys in a forum thread and joined their Discord server- I was met immediately with a response by one of their staff. I have never cheated before, and this website despite being new seemed a lot more legitimate than a lot of the others I have viewed. I bought the "Apex - Day" package and minutes later I was in game and using the cheat 🙂

The aimbot and ESP were marvelous. You can even configure the colors, lines, etc. to your liking and change the aimbot to be more/less legit the way you need it to be. So far no ban, but this cheat was too good so I wasted no time in writing this review. 

Overall, I was very impressed by not only the cheat itself, but the excellent customer service and beautiful layout of the website. Certainly makes browsing for cheats to buy a lot easier. 

10/10 for the team at Rampant and would defo purchase again!

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